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Propertyend is Africa's leading business and investment platform for

companies and investors operating in and outside Africa.​

Our membership network comprises 300+ multinational corporations,

private investors, fund managers, family offices, policymakers and

entrepreneurs across 30 countries globally.

We provide members with a range of tailored services, leveraging our

international network to ensure unique access to trade and investment

opportunities across Africa. We also build Global Partnerships with

organisations and professionals who wish to broaden their connectivity

and enhance their profile on the continent by providing bespoke

programmes of business development support.



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Our property portal has grown tremendously over the last couple of months and we'd like to assure you of an extended reach for your properties. 

Let us help you reach more buyers and sellers through our fastest growing property portal.

Remember, all listings are free till the 3rd of November 2019.

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African property portal makes house hunting in Africa a breeze - The South African online news publication


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Propertyend listings on Zoopla website


Propertyend listings on PrimeLocatoin website

Get your listings shared on Zoopla & PrimeLocation websites, by having at least 20 listings on propertyend website!


Propertyend adverts on Zoopla South Africa listing page

Sharing some of these adverts, helps Propertyend to reach a wider audience!

Click any of the adverts and choose the sharing options.


Add more listings & reach MILLIONS of buyers!


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What is Propertyend and what services does it offer?

Propertyend is one of the growing property portal websites in Africa and has become an essential resource for property buyers, sellers, owners, estate agents and property developers alike.

Africa's most comprehensive property website. Search & Find Your DREAM Home In AFRICA! Search by country, province, city, property type, price. 

Is Propertyend an estate agency?

Propertyend is not an estate agency. It is a property portal providing details of properties listed for sale or to rent by estate agents or property developers.

How does Propertyend make money?

The information and services we offered are completely FREE to the public. The revenue is generated by selling advertising spaces, leads and other services to professionals and businesses.

Why is the location or city I entered not recognized by your search?

The most common cause of this could be misspellings. If you believe a location should be recognized and it is not, please contact us.

How do I obtain more details about a property listed for sale or to rent?

For more information or to arrange a viewing for any property listed for sale or to rent on our website, simply click on the listing then fill in the send agent message form on the right column or call the telephone number displayed to contact the estate agent or developer who is marketing it.

Why am I yet to hear back from an agent I contacted via your website?

We're sorry that the agent or developer you have tried to contact has not responded promptly. We are constantly working with agents/developers to help ensure that all Propertyend emails are responded to as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we recommend you contact them directly by telephone, otherwise, feel free to contact us to help you reach the agent.

My home is for sale via an agent but it is not listed on Propertyend. Why?

If your agent lists their properties on Propertyend then it should appear on our website as soon as your agent has uploaded it to our database. If your agent does not list their properties on Propertyend then you should request that they do so in order to maximise exposure for your property and enhance your chances of a successful sale.

Why is my property still on your website when it has been sold?

Your home may still appear on our website until the sale has been completed after which it should no longer appear on the site. If you have completed the sale and your property is still listed as 'for sale', please contact your agent to ensure that they update the status of your home on Propertyend.

My home is listed for sale or rent but some of the details are incorrect. How do I fix this?

We receive property details directly from your estate agent and if there are any errors in your listing details you should contact them directly to inform them and request that these are updated accordingly.

Does Propertyend accept private listings?

Propertyend does not promote private listings and we work directly with the estate, letting agents who are bound by law to be truthful in their property marketing, which provides protection to both the buyer and seller. To ensure your property appears on our website, make sure you select an estate agent who lists their properties with us.

How can I find an estate agent to sell/let my property

Use our Estate agent directory to find a local agent in your area to list your home for sale or to let on Propertyend.

What is MyPropertyend?

As a registered user, you can use MyPropertyend to edit your profile, track your favourite listings, set your preferences and manage your saved searches and property alerts.

Why register on Propertyend?

It's FREE and easy to register on MyPropertyend and once registered you can save listings, setup property alerts, set your alerts and preferences.

How do I set up a property alert?

To sign up to a property alert simply perform a search by country on Propertyend with your criteria and select 'create email alert' which you will find either at the top or bottom of the screen after you have conducted your search.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password for alerts?

When you try to Sign in to our website, you will see a link that offers a forgot password option. Simply enter your email address, press submit and an email will be sent to you enabling you to change your password.

Who can register on Propertyend to list properties?

Only principally regulated African estate or letting agents and property developers can register to sell or let properties.

Does it cost anything to register?

No, it is completely FREE to register on Propertyend and to use any of our services. There are no hidden charges or payments required for any of the services within a free trial period.

How do I register as an estate agent or developer?

You may register by selecting the 'Register' link in the top right corner on any page.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password to list properties?

When you try to Sign in to our website, you will see a link that offers a forgot password option. Simply enter your email address, press submit and an email will be sent to you enabling you to change your password.

Hope we have covered most of the frequently asked questions. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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How to make sure your Propertyend listings are effective and getting the results you need.


The Internet is a powerful tool, but there are also certain things you can do to make your listings more effective. Below are some tips on how to get it right:

1. Add enough information. In the Property Description, use descriptive words to sell your property.

2. Add enough property photos. You can add up to 20 photos per listing.

3. The first photo is important as this is the photo that is displayed when a potential buyer does a search. Use a good quality 'first photo' that will get the attention of the buyer. 

4. Make sure your agency logo is displayed next to your listing. If you are unable to do this please contact our Help desk on 00447539654988 or email the images to

5. After you have uploaded a listing go to the Internet and view the listing. Make sure the listing and all its photos display correctly. 

6. Make sure your contact information is correct and all your listings on are up to date

7. Get into the habit of updating your listings regularly.

8 Check your listings "My Properties" often. Look at listings that receive many views and try and figure out why. Also, look at listings that only received a few views and try and

improve them by adding more photos, adjusting the selling price etc.

9. List a seller's property and then email or SMS the seller the listing number, so he/she knows the listing is up. 

110. You can also paste a link into the email to make it easy for the seller or buyer to click and go directly to the listing.


11. Save time by sharing your listed properties on to social media platforms. 


12. Add the website address on your business card.

13. Get the email addresses of buyers and investors you meet and email them new listings - either send the listing number or a direct link to the listing.

14. Visit website and email your listing to a prospective buyer using the Email button. You can also first email the listing to yourself and then format the

email to your liking. Then you can forward the listing to a potential buyer.

15. Advise your buyers to register for Property Alerts on Propertyend website. As soon as a new Property is listed they will receive a mail with a link to the listing. To register,

go to website and click on Property Alerts.

16. If your Buyers are registered for Property Alerts the sooner you do your listings the sooner they will be alerted of a new property listing.

 Take advantage of social media, share your listings on Propertyend to your friends and family. Spread the word to maximize your online exposure!


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